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Did you make a resolution to make fitness a more important part of your life for 2019? We are 30 days in to the New Year and this is the point at which only 64% of “resolutioners” report success. After the next 60 days that number drops to 50% so, you may be stuck in a rut right and questioning your new year’s ambitions right about now, but we might have a few ideas or fitness trends that can help you stay on track and help make this the year you make a lasting change to your health.

Changing up your health and exercise routines can be a great way to boost both performance and motivation. Many popular workouts are getting fresh updates for 2019 and at-home fitness is getting some very interesting high-tech accessories and we’re not talking about the latest smart watch or fitness tracker here.

Epic comeback

Boxing is making a comeback, more so boxing classes or group training. If a dozen Rocky inspired badass people in a room does not motivate you, I’m not sure what will. According to Harvard Medical School boxing for fitness gives you a great upper body workout while throwing punches and a fantastic lower body workout, it takes a lot of strength to maintain a boxers crouch. Of course we cannot forget the tremendous cardiovascular benefits – boxers are some of the most well conditioned athletes on the planet.

You are all you need

Bodyweight workouts are high on the list of fitness trends for 2019 and no, I’m not talking about the 20 minute workout of the 80’s – although if you want to wear the old school gear, be my guest. Bodyweight workouts are just that, workouts that do not use free weights or machines, just your own bodyweight. These workouts are easy to fit into any daily routine and can be done pretty much anywhere, and have been studied extensively and associated with a reduced risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event.

We just might be talking Star Trek here

Fancy yourself a bit of a techie? home workouts are being taken to a whole new level this year with the introduction of the all new smart Mirror. This mirror live streams real time workouts right into your home. You can train in front of the mirror and take part in multi user class sessions or one-on-one training sessions with a personal trainer. If you have more space in your home and about $3,500 to spend look no further than Tonal, a strength training system. This system has so many features and benefits I could not even attempt to do it justice here, but if to say this thing is next level tech is an understatement.

Look, I get it, it’s hard, and this is the time of year we start making excuses and fooling ourselves into thinking we can’t do this. But you’re wrong, all the tools you need for a successful fitness routine are affordable and at your fingertips and there is something  for everyone. If you need a little kick in the ass to keep going train with a friend, set goals, setup contests with friends, join communities or reach out to us or any one of our contributors for that little extra push. You got this!

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