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Located amongst the beautiful beaches and tropical landscape of southern Phuket, our resort in Rawai is the perfect spot to kick-start the new you. Spacious rooms and bungalows, plus the facilities on site that will make your health, wellness and fitness holiday all you need it to be.

The Rooms

The resort offers a wide range of rooms and bungalows, from the cute and simple to the indulgent and luxurious. Whatever your needs, we’ve got them covered. All of our rooms are unique and differ in some way; no two rooms are the same.

The Facilities

PhuketFit has all the facilities you will need for your health and fitness holiday at Phuket Fit, here in Thailand;

  1. Swimming Pool & Steam Room
  2. Detox Resort Swimming Pool
  3. Fully Equipped Gym
  4. Fitness Studio
  5. Boxing Area
  6. Massage Rooms
  7. Bicycles

And more…

“During your health, wellness and fitness holiday, our goal is to help you achieve yours”

The Mission

Whether you want to detox, lose weight or fire up your fitness, we carefully craft a personaliszed Program that will get you on your way to achieving your goals. During your time at Phuket Fit you will gain all the knowledge you need to implement changes at home, and successfully continue your new improved lifestyle.

You won’t be alone. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people with similar goals, as well as our expert team here to support you every step of the way. It doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve left us, we don’t stop caring. So long as you send us progress updates, we will continue to provide the ongoing fitness, nutrition and lifestyle support you need.

Why? Because we care. We believe that health and happiness are the first most important
things in life.

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