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Michelle Goldrick is a London Ontario based certified personal trainer with over 20 year’s experience in the fitness industry, with adding in some additional certification in Pre and Post Natal Specialised Personal Training. Over the years she has helped hundreds of women achieve and sustain their fitness and weight loss goals before, during and after pregnancy and into menopause. Michelle trains out of her own home based personal training studio. She also has a large online training client base that extends through North America. Michelle is a wife, entrepreneur and a mother to a very active 6 year old daughter a Great Dane and English Bulldog.

Most recently being a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in September 2013 with mastectomy in December 2013, she now also understand the unique obstacles to overcome physiologically and emotionally that younger women with early age diagnosis go through. Michelle can be reached at her social media accounts: IG @bossstudiofitness TWITTER @michelleGfit  and website www.bossstudiofit.com

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