Your Inspiring Pics Might be Doing More Harm Than Good

I have to admit, I am part of the “if you got it flaunt it” crew, as long as you consider a few things first. Things like, your goals, your target audience, your comfort level – so you’re not being untrue to yourself. But hey, I don’t judge anyone for what they post. You feel sexy in your own skin and want to tell the world, go ahead… As a red blooded male – I’ll listen!

Joking aside, I published a blog post not long ago about photo submissions and how and when to submit professional photos versus selfies etc… But I am noticing another trend – a disturbing one really. Sometimes we’ll get photos submitted and then follow up with people from time to time and I hear the same type of things more and more lately. Things like “I want to look like so and so” or “I know I am not [insert name of a fitness model here] but…” and so on. That obviously isn’t the disturbing part because our goals are to motivate and inspire. What is disturbing is how often the person that says things like that is already beautiful, fit, and by societies standards – sexy.

What worries me is that social media, more specifically Instagram is causing people to believe they have to look a certain way in order to be popular or feel good about themselves. It seems to me a lot of people give too much stock to what they see, not what they read, hear or know. It’s important that we give people a reason to feel beautiful in their own skin, as they are, while inspiring them to make the improvements they may feel are necessary. Key word being improvements. Being happy with who they currently are but striving for better in all aspects of life, including fitness. If they wish to improve on themselves, whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually then we should support them, offer them the guidance from lessons we have learned from.

Now, I know how this sounds coming from a magazine who features a certain type of woman and a certain type of guy occasionally. But I like to think we can do a lot ourselves to encourage women (and men) to love themselves just the way they are. A lot of people applauded a certain lingerie company over the last couple of years for included “larger women” in their ads and I suppose we should – but with caution. Have you seen those ads? if not, look them up. The “larger women” are still very curvy and in my opinion still not what the average overweight person is a reflection of.

Don’t get me wrong I can’t think of one woman that I personally know that these women compare themselves too who does not do what they can to empower women. To encourage and motivate women, and I am glad I surround myself with people who uplift others rather than put them down. I just hope one day we can put the “Health” back in Health and Fitness and inspire women to focus on living healthy and if that leads them to the type of physique we see in magazines and on social media, then that’s great. If not, they’re perfect as is.



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