Why Should You Start Bodyweight Training?

Bodyweight training is making a comeback and it helps in making amazing fitness gains. Bodyweight training makes it easy to transition between exercise with very little since there is no equipment to worry about. So, why use bodyweight training?


If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey bodyweight exercises give you a great starting point to your resistance and cardiovascular training. After all you should be able to lift and move your own bodyweight around before attempting to life heaver weights. As an added bonus you can do them at or if you choose to go to a gym, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are familiar with each exercise, or at least you should be. That will help with the anxiety of being new to the gym and perhaps not knowing what to do.


If you’re a seasoned veteran in the training world you might want to consider adding bodyweight workouts to your routine. They offer incredible value to the effort of your work. Adding a properly structured circuit to your training program can yield significant results. We will quickly discuss how to structure a bodyweight circuit later in this article.


Bodyweight workouts can melt fat away. Performing a bodyweight circuit can have tremendous impact on the body’s metabolism. You may or may not know that your body can continue to be in fat melting mode for hours after your workout is completed.


With bodyweight training there are no excuses not to get it in. You need zero equipment. You need limited space and can be done absolutely anywhere. So, even if you train daily with weights and think you may not be able to get to the gym one day for some reason, do a bodyweight circuit.


The majority if not all movements in a bodyweight routine yield such great results because they involve compound movements. Compound movements call on multiple joint and muscle movements which produce quicker results and is extremely effective for strength gains and performance improvements.

Now, we’ve given you 5 great reasons to start using bodyweight workouts, how do you properly structure a bodyweight program? It’s simple really. Since you goal is build strength, improve performance and mobility and keep your heart rate elevated, it’s important to build a program with that in mind.

Building the program doesn’t have to be complicated. You naturally start with your warm-up. Always warm up. Then you begin with a strength exercise, followed by a cardio exercises and keep alternating. How many exercises to add into this routine basically depends on which body parts you intend on training. For instance a full body workout, upper body, lower body etc…  You can get that heart rate elevated during your warm-up and or by adding a cardio move such as burpees or jumping jacks between your strength movements to help keep your body in a fat burning mode.

Let’s look at an example workout and I think you’ll get the idea.


Jump Rope x 60 seconds
Jumping Jacks x 20 reps
Arm Circles x 20 reps 
Hip Circles x 20 reps

Repeat this warm-up 2 times.


Pushups x 10 reps
Squats x 20 reps
Inverted Bodyweight Rows x 10 reps
Bench Dips x 10 reps
Squat Jumps x 20 reps
Inverted Bodyweight Rows (underhand grip) x 10 reps
Lunges x 20 reps
Plank x 30 seconds

Repeat this circuit 3 to 5 times

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