Top 5 Home Workout Essentials

Let’s face it, life tends to get in the way of our fitness goals. We can’t always make it to gym and sometimes we just don’t have the luxury to get up early and hit the gym. The alternative? build a home gym? not very realistic for most of us. But you don’t need to spend big bucks on a home gym. All you need are a few essentials to get a great home work out and reach your fitness goals.



Your gym has a mile long dumbbell rack with at least two of every weight possible. They do this to ensure they have enough dumbbells to go around. To build strength at home you don’t need to have this many dumbbells. You can use adjustable dumbbells which usually go from 5lbs to 50lbs (this varies depending on the brand you buy) and they will give you just as good of a strength workout as the dumbbells at any gym will give you. The best part is you won’t have to buy additional equipment, until you find your inner beast and out grow the weight of the adjustables. There are many different types of adjustable dumbbells so when purchasing, get the ones that feel right for you.



Resistance bands are another great way create strong muscles. Resistance bands improve your balance, reduce joints pain, improve speed of movement and make your body more elastic.Resistance bands are lightweight and easily portable and effective for exercise when you exercise alone. Great for travelling or as an alternative to dumbbells – it’s always great to mix things up a bit. Again, there are many different types of band so make sure you get ones that are comfortable for you.



Yoga mats are not just for yoga anymore. They are a great accessory to have to workout at home, making it more comfortable the lay on your back, or kneeling down for various exercises. And after you go HAM on your workout, it’s not a bad spot to lay down and rest for a moment. Also great for stretching to help facilitate recovery and flexibility, oh and feel free to do some yoga on it as well. When purchasing a yoga mat get something well made and comfortable. They aren’t the most expensive gear around but cheap ones will fall apart before they should.



Ab rollers AKA ab wheels are a very inexpensive piece of equipment to use for effective ab workouts. This simple piece of equipment help you strengthen your abs, build ab muscles and work on your stability. Start slowly and build up to more complex movements with this piece of equipment. As with all of our suggestions today, get one that is comfortable for you.



Foam rolling has a technical name and that is self-myofascial release. It has transformed from a technique once reserved for professional athletes to a common household must have. It may take a little bit patience and Youtube watching to get used to how to use this piece of equipment, but it’s so worth it. Foam rolling is a self massaging technique that helps release muscle tightness and trigger points aiding the recovery and overall muscle health. Applying pressure on certain points in the body will help with recovery and ensuring your muscles are flexible and ready to perform optimally.

There you have it, simple cost effective pieces of equipment to help you get a great work out at home. We’ve pointed you in the right direction now all you have to do is find your motivation.

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