Top 5 excuses not to workout and how to over come them


We all have busy schedules but we manage to accomplish most of our tasks throughout the day. Your health is important, so make the time. Schedule it just like you would a doctors appointment or a business meeting. Fitness should be a priority in your life. You can’t look after anyone else if you don’t look after yourself first. If you have kids, sign up for a gym with daycare – it’s usually free and let’s face it, everyone likes free.


Crappy weather, long day at work, or an enticing Netlflix and chill kind of night can all make staying motivated hard. We get it. There ways, however to ensure you stay motivated and accountable. Sign up for a class at the gym, by making the commitment you will feel obligated to attend. Make watching motivational videos on Youtube a habit. Resist the urge to click on the newest Tony Robbins video (for now) and stick to the fitness theme, you’ll get pumped for your next workout. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to evaluate your habits and ask yourself – self, how much am I consuming compared to how much I am creating. If you’re sitting and consuming 5 hours of TV a night and not creating the baddest, leanest and meanest version of yourself first, then you need to take action. That will motivate you!


I can relate to this one. Life is exhausting but I can assure you adding exercise to your day will help combat the tired feeling. It not only helps give you a boost of energy but it also helps you sleep at night. The best advice I can give on this one is to get up a little bit earlier and hit the gym. When you wake up your most energized and you get to workout before your body figures out what you’re doing.


Set goals for yourself. Nothing too large like dropping 50 lbs or getting shredded, but if your goal is to lose weight, smaller weekly goals or monthly goals. It’s amazing how being focused on something as simple as a small goal can help get you going. Also, keep a log of your gym sessions. Tracking your workouts helps you see the improvements you’re making which in turn will help keep you working towards those goals.


Ok so you need workout at home for whatever reason but,  you don’t have the equipment. Well, you have your bodyweight don’t you? Bodyweight exercises are actually the best exercises for someone you is looking to get and be healthy. After all, being able to move the body efficiently and easily is the name of game, not to mention it gives you more bang for your buck.


Not sure what exercises to do? we can help. Feel free to reach out to us on our website and just ask. We’ll help you out!

Want to speak to a good knowledgable trainer? we can help you there too.  Someone with a no BS approach and who loves to help people reach their goals.

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