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TOP 5 – Fitness Channels of Youtube


5. Blogilates (https://www.youtube.com/user/blogilates) With 2.5 million subscribers and over 257 million views of it’s videos, Yes you read that correctly! Blogilates is a superstar of the Youtube world. With videos ranging from workouts to nutrition ideas, everything and anything you wanted ...

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Back2Basics – Water


WATER is deemed the most essential ‘nutrient’ to humans even though it provides zero substance. We all know the body is 80% water. What you don’t know is that water assists in: controlling body temperature aiding in digestion, allowing the ...

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OPA – Luchka/O’Brien Classic 2015


On May 9 2015 the IFBB Pro’s Nina Lucka and Mindi O’Brien hosted their edition to the OPA show schedule with the Luchka/O’Brien Classic … Moving the show from Mississauga to St. Catherine’s and the shows still remains one of ...

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