I’ve written about this topic before for various publications and websites but it’s an evolving process and deserves revisiting every once in a while. The topic – sponsorship.

Sponsorship is a big part of the fitness industry. In fact it’s a big part of social media in general. Companies are sponsoring all kinds of industry specific individuals, whether you’re into tech, fitness, cars, you name it and they’re putting their names behind it. But we’re talking the fitness industry here.

A while back I was having a discussion with another professional in a fitness marketing position and what I heard was both interesting and counterintuitive to me. When we talked about what I feel is the number rule in social media – posting, this individual said “I don’t tell my clients to post often, if they don’t have anything valuable to say – don’t”. Now, my first thought about it was that it ignores the number one goal in marketing, all marketing period. That goal? Top Of Mind..

You wan’t to be the one people think of when they think about fitness. Look at McDonald’s, is it a must that they advertise as much as they do – no! Or if you live in Canada, Tim Horton’s (I know it’s now in the states but it’s not engrained in the very DNA of Americans as it is in Canadians, if you’re Canadian you  know what I mean). When people are making a coffee run and they are going to Tim Hortons, it’s called a Timmies run.

We could go on and on about marketing techniques used by the giants but we’re talking about fitness. More specifically you as a fitness model or athlete. When it comes to social media there is one simple rule – post and post as often as you can, at least 2 times a day. The great thing about social media is that it’s social. It allows you engage (be social) with your audience. The fitness models/athletes with the biggest following post often.

Ladies, you have the power on social media. Guys love fit, beautiful women so they will follow you and like your photos. Women appreciate women who are rocking their corner of the universe, they will follow you and like your photos. Gentlemen it’s not quite as simple. You risk looking cocky, arrogant and full of yourself through the same type of posts as your female  counterparts. Sorry, but it’s just the way the game is played.

I’m not going to tell you what to post, but here’s a little food for thought. Ladies, pictures of yourself (selfies or professional) get approximately 2x the number of likes as your family photos, food porn and motivational quotes. Guys, for more likes on your posts, post photos of you well dressed and be funny. Your followers love a sense of humour.

One final note, do not get caught up in how many followers you have. Companies are starting to realize the number of followers you have is not as important as the engagement you are getting your social media profiles. What good is 100,000 followers if only 100 pay attention? Especially if the next person in the feed has 10,000 followers with 200 engaging and has better posts or suits the needs of the company more. So interact with people.. When they comment on a post say thank you.

Ok I lied, this will be the final note. I put this out to companies and organizations. Pay attention to the engagement factor rather than the number of followers…. Believe me, people do not pay attention to 90% of the profiles they are following.


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