Publisher’s Corner

From time to time our publisher has some thoughts he’d like to share with our readers. So, to humour him we’ve given him his own blog on the site LOL.

Why We Went Digital

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In a perfect world Athletes and Models would be the only magazine around and I would be writing this post while sitting on a beach in the south pacific. The reality is we aren’t and truth be told we like ...

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Training Like a Fitness Competitor


I feel like it’s time to hit you with the cold hard facts. It’s not easy training like a fitness competitor. There is no magic pills, no magic supplements, electric belts or anything else that is going to get you ...

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Overwhelmed by Online Information?


If you are new to the fitness game you have no doubt done some research on the internet. Done a few Google searches, checked out YouTube and probably read some magazines to find out everything you need to know to get ...

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Fitness – A Personal Journey


We’ve all seen it, the one or two people taking the stage that don’t necessarily fit the mould of a fitness competitor. Maybe they aren’t as muscular or as well conditioned as the other people in their class. It never ...

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I’ve written about this topic before for various publications and websites but it’s an evolving process and deserves revisiting every once in a while. The topic – sponsorship. Sponsorship is a big part of the fitness industry. In fact it’s ...

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The Fast Lane to Success


We’re living in a society that wants everything now. We want our content now, our news now and most notably our success now! You only have to be an observant social media user to know this is the truth with ...

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Is Our Industry Fake?


We make decisions around here at Athletes and Models every day. Decisions of who to feature on social media, who to invite in for a shoot or which athletes, models, trainers or companies to partner with. Sometimes, we are taken ...

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