Photo Submissions

Please note submissions of photos do not guarantee publication in either an Athletes and Models issue or social media outlets. Submissions are reviewed in the order they are received and subject to approval before being moved on to the next stage. For magazine submissions you may be contacted to arrange collection of additional images for the issue. If you are submitting for social media please ensure you are sending us the image(s) you wish to be published on our social media outlets.

Please read and follow the guidelines for photos below. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in your submission being rejected.

  1. Please ensure photos accurately portray your current look
  2. Photos must be clear and in focus (photos taken by a mobile device are acceptable for social media publications only)
  3. Final photos to be published must be in 8.5″ x 11″ size or the ability to resize, crop or alter to meet that size.
  4. Accepted photos for publication may be required to be in Hi-Resolution at 300 dpi
  5. Upload 3 to 5 images for consideration.
  6. The person submitting must have proof of approval for use of images – either by ownership or by way of model/photographer release.
  7. Images must only feature the model and not include any other people in the background.
  8. Submission does not guarantee publication in our issues or social media.

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