• IF ONLY: Commercials promoted live, organic produce.

Imagine, knowing how influential marketers can be. To entice for health and make a positive difference in the health and quality of life in others.

  • IF ONLY: Grocers offered more healthy options.

Consumers would not have their carts filled with unhealthy packaged products attributing to ill health.

  • IF ONLY: Health inspired posters were positioned throughout stores and at their checkouts.

Educating consumers on their health would be powerfully empowering.

Raw foods that fuel our bodies have taken a back seat to food manufactures – increasing their bottom line and gross margins at the risk of consumer health.

It can be argued, most detrimental diseases these days, which were perhaps once assumed and perceived as “heredity,” are now realized and accredited to lifestyle ‘choices.’

The following guidelines can assist in making healthy choices simply by:


  • Eating as close to nature as possible, preferably organic.
  • Eating more live food (plants) and less dead food (animals).


About Marie Clark, CPTN-CPT

Marie is a Certified Personal Trainer with the Certified Professional Trainers Network. She currently works and resides in Brantford, Ontario with her husband and three sons. She is a contributing writer for the Ontario Physique Association. Marie's mission is "To inspire health, fitness and quality of life for all!"