Food Flexibility Aid in Athlete Success

Any professional athlete will tell you it’s all about diet – the 80/20 rule applies here. Hence why athletes spend a lot of time preparing meals and seek the advice of nutrients to keep them firing and in the zone. The diet needs to be flexible, nutrient packed and portable- it is the main source of fuel when it comes to their bodies and peak performance.

When travelling for vacation, training or competitions there’s a good chances are you a limited with what food available. Depending on what parts of the world you’re travelling too. The trick for athletes would be to bring some food with you and be open to new things and different types of foods. Don’t be afraid to ask restaurants to modify the food for you – so you stay on track.

You’re nutrition is the most important part of your training and competition, so learn to diversify and modify and don’t be afraid to ask about the nutritional content or how it is prepared. You just might find your new favourite dish to add to your diet regime.

Flexibility doesn’t just have to be reserved for travelling. Try to incorporate new foods and those of the seasonal variety while at home. Local supermarkets and even the “mom and pop” grocers in the neighbourhood often have great seasonal choices you might not have thought of. This will help you change up your foods as well so the nutritional aspect of your meal plan. Plus a little excite to your meal plan won’t hurt either.

Just remember when traveling or changing your meal plan to add some excitement- it should have a solid foundation of lean protein, greens and good carbs. Peak performance from a the same old meal plan doesn’t have to be boring on the road or at home- so explore and venture off and try something new.

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