Meet The Team

  • Atif Kehdri

    Atif, best known as "Coach AK" is a certified personal trainer/rehab therpaist/coach, owner and founder of AK Fitness & 777 Fitness program. Coach AK was a former professional soccer player and both competed in and won various fitness competition awards. His experience, expertise and continued education in fitness has allowed him to positively change numerous lives everyday...and his work continues to uplift the lives of all that he comes into contact with. His passion and devotion to fitness drives his strength to impact his clients to live and enjoy a better lifestyle. Coach AK motivates and inspires anyone, Joe or Pro to: "Make It Happen!"
  • Courtney Ustrzycki

    Growing up I participated in a fair amount of extracurricular activities. When I was really young I took gymnastics, dance, baseball and figure skating. School sports didn’t happen until high school, where I played football, rugby and badminton. In college I played a little bit of rugby, touch football and badminton. Although I seemed to be relatively active throughout my younger years, it wasn’t until my third year of college (after I had put on that Freshman 15, erm, 20…) when I actually got a gym membership, wanting to make a change.
  • Deanna Farinacci

    Deanna began her career in the 80's as a health care professional and most recently branched off to web design and communications. After losing her parents to cancer she started to focus more on her own health and began competing in the bikini division under the OPA, CBBF and IFBB sanctions. In addition, Deanna is an active volunteer, providing comfort and palliative care to the residents at her local hospice. She currently resides in the Niagara Region with her husband, is the proud Mom of 3 and new "glamma" to Baby Jack. Deanna entered the world of competitive bikini bodybuilding when she turned 50 proving it is never to late to pursue your dreams.
  • Doug Ritter

    I've been a photographer for over 25 years, shooting everything from potash mines to royalty, but a session several years ago with one of Canada's top personal trainers got me hooked on the fitness industry. Since then I have focused mainly on working with athletes, both amateur and professional, to showcase their conditioning and hard work.
  • Marie Clark, CPTN-CPT

    Marie is a Certified Personal Trainer with the Certified Professional Trainers Network. She currently works and resides in Brantford, Ontario with her husband and three sons. She is a contributing writer for the Ontario Physique Association. Marie's mission is "To inspire health, fitness and quality of life for all!"
  • Heidi Cannon

    Although both my grandmothers were excellent cooks and bakers (and my mother is too), growing up I never took much interest in learning the “basics” – I just enjoyed eating the “end results”. It wasn’t until my teen years that I began to take an interest in being in the kitchen, and that was sparked by my favourite grandmother. We would spend quality time together as she shared her love of cooking/baking with me and all those special secret techniques she used.
  • Sarah Jessica Taylor

    Sarah is a lifestyle coach with a passion for food, fitness, and feelings! Graduating with a psychology degree, Sarah is an IFBB bikini competitor with a passion for developing macro-friendly recipes & writing informative blogs. Check out her work at