Dieting 101

Dieting 101… For Your Body Type

So you have decided to embark on yet another diet… scratching your head wondering where the last one went wrong or even the diet before that… Sound familiar…. You are not alone. I include myself in this category and my own frustration has led me to this article and research….

So with anything you need to start somewhere – but that somewhere should start with your body type – chances are you fall into one of these categories and this should guide your calorie intake.

  • Mesomorphs –bodyweight x 15
  • Ectomporphs- bodyweight x 16-17
  • Endomorphs-bodyweight x 13-14

So for me it is 120 X13= 1560 Kcals per day. So if I wanted to lose 1.2 pounds per week I need to bring my calories down and create a deficit.   Now you are thinking 1500 Kcal is nothing… that’s burger and fries or a few pizza slices – well if you are eating clean – that is a whole lot of food… and maybe a treat. Your body type also determines time between meals which is super important – for me it is 3.5 to 5 hours between meals but reality is I’m hungry way before 3.5 so I drink water coffee or anything that distracts me.

  • Mesomorphs –eat every 2.5 to 3.5 hours
  • Ectomporphs- eat every 2 to 3 hours
  • Endomorphs- eat every 3.5 to 5 hours

The other critical factor – we all know that protein is king – even when dieting protein is vital to success. You can use this calculation for your daily protein intake. There are some great apps for iPhone and Andriod which can calculate this for you. If not do it old school…. Remember this is per pound of your current body weight multiplied by gram.

  • Mesomorphs –1.2g to 1.3g
  • Ectomporphs- 1.4g to 1.6g
  • Endomorphs- 1.4g to1.5g

For me 1.4 X 120=186 grams of protein per day even on a 1500 caloric diet so if I think about – protein is about 40% of what I eat daily.. sounds about right. So the next time you decide to diet put some science behind it and see if it yield better results.

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