Dieting 101


Dieting 101… For Your Body Type So you have decided to embark on yet another diet… scratching your head wondering where the last one went wrong or even the diet before that… Sound familiar…. You are not alone. I include ...

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  IF ONLY: Commercials promoted live, organic produce. Imagine, knowing how influential marketers can be. To entice for health and make a positive difference in the health and quality of life in others. IF ONLY: Grocers offered more healthy options. ...

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Back2Basics – Water


WATER is deemed the most essential ‘nutrient’ to humans even though it provides zero substance. We all know the body is 80% water. What you don’t know is that water assists in: controlling body temperature aiding in digestion, allowing the ...

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Battle of the Carbs


Sweet potato, butternut squash and oatmeal-these are the darlings of the fitness community and professional athletes alike. These three powerhouse carbohydrates deliver a punch of nutrients in one single serving. Let’s see how these three powerhouses line up against each ...

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