Battle of the Carbs

Sweet potato, butternut squash and oatmeal-these are the darlings of the fitness community and professional athletes alike. These three powerhouse carbohydrates deliver a punch of nutrients in one single serving. Let’s see how these three powerhouses line up against each other in the nutrients chart.


You can see why these are powerhouse of the fitness the world. The butternut squash trumps sweet potato with fewer calories, carbs and sugar per gram. Squash is also rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins B6 and E. Sweet potato doesn’t fall short either, providing more fiber and protein per gram then sweet potato. Both options are great and if you are trying to get lean or lose the last few pounds – then you can always replace your sweet potato for squash. Added bonus they are both low in sodium and rich in vitamin C.

Let’s turn gears to the other powerhouse carb the one and only – Oatmeal. This carb may be higher in calories but it doesn’t fall short either compared to the other two veggies. It packs a roaring 6 grams of protein per cup. It has a lower carb ratio then sweet potato and fiber. Not only that, it has the lowest amount of sugar per gram out of the three. No matter what you decide these are three great carb options to replace conventional carbs. Get cooking and enjoy!

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