Banish Stubborn Belly Fat With These Small Tweaks

It’s called the “stubborn belly fat” for a reason. It seems to stick around no matter what we do to get rid of it – endless amount of cardio and crunches – bleh! Not to mention if makes us feel self conscious in our clothes and around other people. It may keep you from even wanting to enjoy summer and head to the beach with friends and family. Well… You might be surprised to know that a few simple, small, painless tweaks in your diet could help you banish that stubborn belly fat.

White Pasta’s and Bread

Yup, that big bowl of pasta and that East Side Mario’s bread (I’m drooling here) you had for dinner tonight is going straight to your belly.  They are highly process foods and wreak havoc on your blood sugar. Deep down though, we all know the breads fill us up needlessly and we just don’t get the nutrients from it that we require.

Alternative: Whole grain pasta (believe me there are some very good ones out there) and whole grain breads do the trick.


Yes, this may include some of your favourite drinks. Rid your diet of soda, juices, your Timmies coffee (bye bye triple triple). Many drinks, especially the fruit juices hide behind claims of being sugar free, freshly squeezed and all natural. Truth is they may still be very high in fructose and as a result high in calories.

Alternative: Good ole water. Flavour your water with slices of fruit.

Condiments and Sauces

Many of the store bought BBQ sauces, marinades, spreads and condiments are full of sugar and salt. To be the bearer of bad news, even ketchup (drooling, I mean ketchup is the only way I can down some of my own cooking, LOL)

Alternative: Mustard is ok and you can never go wrong with dry spices and some lemon juice.

It’s these small, simple tweaks we can make in our daily diet that will add up to losing that belly fat. Of course this is only a part of the equation. You must exercise! Check back on our website regularly as we’ll be adding some challenging workouts for everyone from beginners to advanced to the elite athlete.

Remember, you don’t have to change drastically and make your life miserable. We often can make small adjustments to help with the battle of the bulge.

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