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Growing up I participated in a fair amount of extracurricular activities. When I was really young I took gymnastics, dance, baseball and figure skating. School sports didn’t happen until high school, where I played football, rugby and badminton. In college I played a little bit of rugby, touch football and badminton. Although I seemed to be relatively active throughout my younger years, it wasn’t until my third year of college (after I had put on that Freshman 15, erm, 20…) when I actually got a gym membership, wanting to make a change.

Abs: How to Get Them

Abs: everyone wants them, but we already have them. We associate their visibility with optimal health, peak fitness, and strict dieting. We try endless routines that promise to give us a shredded six pack in a few days, yet we ...

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Women and Strength Training Part 3: Deadlift

Strength training – more specifically powerlifting – has given me so much confidence and pleasure in the way I live my life; I feel much more confident in both my personal and professional lives. Who knew the iron could be ...

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Women and Strength Training Part 2: Bench Press

When I was finally able to break free from the myth that lifting weights was going to make me big and bulky, I truly learned what it felt like to become empowered by something. The iron has given me strength, ...

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Women and Strength Training Part 1: The Squat

Learning how to strength train has been one of the most inspiring practices I have ever applied to my life. My fitness journey started (I’m sure) like many women; inspired by those who graced fitness magazine covers and thought that ...

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