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Athletes and Models is available online and coming soon to digital issue and special issue print. Celebrating the beauty of fitness models and the dedication and hard work of the athletes. Our photocentric style of media is intended to bring you, our readers visually appealing photos, articles, editorials and over all brilliant looking, well informed content.

Bang Bang Booty

So as I skim through instagram and the one thing that stands out is how much attention is being placed on a females back side. Ok first off – There is no super food you can eat to make your ...

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Eye Candy – Bree Leslie

Bree is an OPA bikini competitor and one has been getting a lot of attention lately. Well deserved attention, not only for obvious reasons – in case you’re new to town, she’s smokin hot! But for the incredible physique she ...

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Training 101

  Beginners to fitness can often find the gym, learning exercises and what each exercise does very intimidating. We’re developing our Fitness 101 section to help you out. Our info graphics will show you how to properly do each exercise, ...

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Battle of the Carbs

Sweet potato, butternut squash and oatmeal-these are the darlings of the fitness community and professional athletes alike. These three powerhouse carbohydrates deliver a punch of nutrients in one single serving. Let’s see how these three powerhouses line up against each ...

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Eye Candy – Sarah Jessica Taylor

Sarah Jessica Taylor is the trifecta when is comes to fitness models – Beauty, brains and dedication. With a BA in Neuropsycology, being a two time rowing champion and working hard to becoming a fitness model and competitor, SJT certainly ...

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Cardio Blunders

You hit that dreadmill hard everyday and still have nothing really to show for it… and you sit there puzzled… why isn’t working and why I am not burning fat. I’m doing exactly what my trainer has told me to ...

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