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Athletes and Models is available online and coming soon to digital issue and special issue print. Celebrating the beauty of fitness models and the dedication and hard work of the athletes. Our photocentric style of media is intended to bring you, our readers visually appealing photos, articles, editorials and over all brilliant looking, well informed content.

Eye Candy – Sarah Jessica Taylor

Sarah Jessica Taylor is the trifecta when is comes to fitness models – Beauty, brains and dedication. With a BA in Neuropsycology, being a two time rowing champion and working hard to becoming a fitness model and competitor, SJT certainly ...

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Cardio Blunders

You hit that dreadmill hard everyday and still have nothing really to show for it… and you sit there puzzled… why isn’t working and why I am not burning fat. I’m doing exactly what my trainer has told me to ...

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TOP 5 – Hair/Makeup Artists

Cherry Dolls Specializing in spray tans and professional hair and makeup artistry, Cherry Dolls will have you looking stunning for any occasion. Based in Toronto, ON you’ll often find them offering their services across the country. Cherry Dolls Facebook Violet ...

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The Skinny on HIIIT

You can walk into any local gym and I swear there is always a new fad or new group exercise that emerges and claims it burns thousands of calories and blast fat. I’m not one for fads, but through my ...

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