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Dr. Robert Goldman To Receive 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

COLUMBUS, Ohio – International Sports Hall of Fame founder and World Hall of Fame of Physical Fitness inductee Dr. Robert Goldman will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger when the Arnold Sports Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary ...

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2018 Arnold Classic Festival on 5 Continents

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Arnold Sports Festival will hold multi-sport festivals on five continents in 2018. The Arnold Sports Festival USA will be held in Columbus, Ohio in March, followed by events in Melbourne, Australia; São Paulo, Brasil; Johannesburg, South ...

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Wearable Trends

It’s nearly impossible to know what will be trending in fitness in the near future. It is always evolving, always being influenced and always influencing. So, where fitness trends will be in 12 months is anybody’s guess. One thing I ...

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The Green Smoothie Made Delicious

Green smoothies have received a bad rap over the years. Those who love them, really love them – those who don’t really don’t, dare I say hate them? We associate the green smoothie with a bad tasting, over the top, ...

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Veggie Spring Roll Noodle Bowl

Colourful vegetables, sesame rice noodles and a delicious and healthy peanut sauce, makes this noodle bowl is a hit with adults and kids alike. Assemble the bowls before serving or if you have kids who love to help out let ...

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