Are your missing out on gains?

We get it, we’re supposed to train with planned out training sessions based on body part splits. You know, Monday is chest day and Tuesday is shoulder day and so on. At least that’s what we’re told, right? I was anyhow, by every magazine, every trainer, every YouTube video and blog.

But what if I told you that you can not only burn fat, but gain muscle faster by training your whole body each session? Would you believe me

If you’re a bodybuilder or fitness competitor you have already been told this secret… just not in so many words . You see, when a bodybuilder has body part that is lacking they are told to train that body part more often, maybe twice a week.

The reason? After a workout, say a leg session, your muscles begin the recovery and rebuilding process. This process typically occurs for 48 to maybe 72 hours if you’re lucky. So by training those legs just before the muscle building signal drops off, this causes that signal to activate further for longer after the workout, causing the recovery and rebuilding process to continue.

Every experienced bodybuilder knows this and that’s why they are able to bring up imbalances in their physique, in what seems like a short amount of time – in terms of bodybuilding time it really is.

So, by training your whole body three or four times a week you cause these muscle building signals to fire and remain at optimal levels for a sustained period of time. The results, faster gains…

There are things you can do on the off days to further ensure the muscle building signals remain optimal, but we’ll address those methods in a different article.  For now, don’t be shy to hit that whole body a few times a week. You’ll be glad you did.

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