5 Tips To Make Photographers Love You

Being a model is hard work and stressful, especially a fitness model. Not only are fitness models judged on their physique, their personality, performance, your looks and just about every single trait that makes you who you are, but you’re often asked to do it while dieting, pre or post show, depleted and feeling horrible. But, you have to put on a smile and march on. We have some tips below that may help you make a photographer absolutely love you.


Be Punctual

Be on time for you shoot, hair and make up being done on site takes time and time is money. Be considerate of the fact that the photographer may be renting the space and that they just might have more than just you shooting on that day. If you live across town don’t leave your house 15 minutes before call time – leave early.

Be Prepared

If you and the photographer decide on the looks your going for before hand, have those look ready to go. If you want to try something different if time allows then bring that with you and ask if you can fit it in.  If you’re supposed to come to the shoot in a certain shape physique wise, make sure you do what is needed to prep for the shoot well in advance. If you’re a fitness model you should have some idea of how much time is needed. There is nothing worse than a model not having the clothing for each look discussed and not being in the shape required. Photo shoots take time to plan and may require different resources to get done.

Ask for Permission to Post Photos

If the photographer sends you photos to preview make it a point to ask if you can post the one(s) you like. Some photographers do not like to show photos in an unfinished or unedited manner and may not be meant for public viewing.

Wear Loose Clothing to Your Shoot

When getting ready to make the trek to your shoot remember to wear loose clothing (although yoga pants are acceptable). Wearing tight clothing to the shoot can cause imprints and markings on the skin that really aren’t flattering. These markings will add to the post processing and editing process.

Don’t Put Filters On You Images

Part of a the allure of shooting with a certain photographer is their style and they take time to learn and develop their style. So don’t add your favourite instagram filter to it because it looks cool. When you think about it it’s a little disrespectful. If you don’t like the way the image was edited then kindly speak with the photographer about it and see if he/she can make adjustments.

Photographers love to shoot. When they have some free time it’s not unheard of that they will call up their favourite model and get a shoot in. They also don’t mind recommending a model they love to other photographers. Follow these simple steps, they might as well love you.

Photo credit: Chris V Linton

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