5 Reasons to Lift Heavy Weights

A little secret you may or may not know is that being strong physically helps to transform every aspect of your life. One very important piece to building physical strength is tapping in to the inner strength inside of you that is just waiting for you to realize it’s there. Going through the motions with lots of cardio and lifting lighter weights for higher reps might get you there – eventually, but if you truly want to build strength, melt fat as well as look and feel your best? Lifting heavy weights is the key.

Here are 5 reason you should be lifting heavy weights.

#1 You’ll build strength faster

Lifting heavy causes many physiological changes within the body. The more strength you build, the muscle you’ll build, the more fat you will burn and the better you will look. Placing the body and it’s muscles under progressive stress forces it to adapt and the way it adapts is by building muscle so it’s able to handle that stress better the next time.

More muscle and less fat means you’ll look better too.

#2 You’ll burn more calories (and burn more fat)

We’ve been told that cardio burns more calories than weight training. That’s true, during the workout, but it’s what happens after the workout that proves weight lifting (lifting heavy in particular) that separates the proverbial men from the boys when it comes to calorie burning.

Lifting weights increases the post workout energy levels and causes a greater calorie burn for a logner period of time after the workout. In fact some studies have shown that lifting heavy weights causes the body to burn double the calories over a 48 hour period than a cardio session.

#3 Increase in confidence

We now know lifting heavy weights causes you to become stronger, leaner and more efficient. It’s because of this that you’ll notice your confidence level sky rocket. Being able to lift heavy objects, looking good in (and out) of your clothes and swimwear definitely helps with your confidence. That confidence can even give you a boost at work too.

#4 Prevent injury

The stronger your body is the more resistant it is to injury. It doesn’t take much to injury the human body, we’ve all “tweaked” our back or hips or something simply by bending over to pick something up. Pretty hard on the ego isn’t it? especially as you age. LOL But… by building a stronger body and making your body more agile through stretching and lifting you can make sure your body doesn’t injure so easily.

#5 Energy

Once all of the above has been achieved you’ll notice your energy levels improve and you’ll feel great! Which comes in handy when you have children or nieces and nephews who want to run around the yard with you. You’ll no longer have to say “not right now” you’ll be able to keep up… And who knows maybe even out last them. Muscles resist fatigue.


If you want help with specific programming or want help getting started let us know. We’ll be glad to help get you started.



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