Listen To Your Trainer… Or Should You?

My social media feeds are full of reminders of who is in prep mode for upcoming shows or future photoshoots. It’s a reminder that the season is upon us.

Whether you are a novice competitor prepping for your first show or a seasoned veteran, maybe even a pro, I am going to offer you the single best piece of advice that you may or may not have heard… LISTEN TO YOUR TRAINER…. Or should you?

The answer is yes. But do not be afraid to question your trainer either. At this point I am assuming you did your homework and have chosen a reputable trainer with knowledge, experience and a proven track record at the level you are competing or hope to compete at. A reputable trainer will not take offence to you asking questions. No one knows your body like you do.

I have heard the stories, seen the results first hand. Trainers prescribe workouts, diets, supplements or other substances because that’s what they did. Eventually their athlete ends up lying on a gym locker room floor unable to move, or in the hospital and unable to do the show which they registered and trained for. Maybe you get injured and the “professional” advice your trainer gives you is to train through it, causing you to remain injured or further injure yourself.

Here are a few tips to watch out for. If your trainer puts you on fish and asparagus five meals a day for 3 weeks, you should question it. If your trainer tells you to train through the pain and said trainer is not a rehabilitation specialist and hasn’t assessed your injury, question it. Finally, if your trainer put you on “supplements” that you don’t feel right about being on, or would never tell your friends and family that you are on them, question it.

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